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  • Fleece Scarfs - Prices starting at

    Adorable Fleece Scarves will add personality and a little warmth on these cold days. Adjustable, as they slide through a loop, plus easy to put on. Washable! Can be worn on shoulder or back of the neck, they will be out of the way plus great for short legged breeds. 
    Neck Sizes:
    X-Small...Fits 7-12 inch neck
    Small.....Fits 10-14 inch neck
    Medium...Fits 14-20 inch neck
    Large...Fits 18-26 inch neck
    X-Large...Fits 22-30 inch neck

    X-Small  $4.00
    Small  $5.00
    Medium  $8.00
    Large  $12.00
    X-Large $15.00